The Central Hills Four Wheel Drive Club Inc had its inaugural meeting on 16 February 1996
at the CWA Hall, 8 Mann St, Mount Barker – still our regular venue.
That meeting was the inspiration of two local couples. 

The Club is an Incorporated Body, with its own Constitution and By-Laws, and is a member of the South Australian Branch of the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council. 

It is a registered Friend of all SA Parks, and a registered member of the Arid Lands Recovery Project at Roxby Downs. 

We have established ourselves as a friendly group with a proven track record for organising training, trips and social events. These have ranged from multi-week trips visiting such icon destinations as the Great Victoria and Simpson Deserts, the Canning Stock Route, and Cape York; to weekend and day trips and standing camps; plus a range of miscellaneous activities, such as our annual dinner. 

We welcome new members who want to come with us and enjoy this great land of ours. 

We still have members from the early days and some as recent as this year. 

Over the years others have joined in the fun and excitement.